About "Loter"

The company "Loter" is a team of highly qualified specialists and creative specialists in the production of wooden products, which has been developing and working on the Ukrainian market since 1992.

At the beginning of our activity, our main specialization was the production of doors, but today, due to the improvement of technologies and the increase in demand for products, our range has become wider: doors, furniture, interior items, stairs, frame-panel houses, as well as various non-standard designs.

We offer only our own production. We select in detail wood of different species, which undergoes a full processing cycle at our enterprise - from raw materials to finished products. Eco-friendly high-quality varnishes, paints and adhesives from the Italian manufacturer ensure the durability and excellent appearance of our products. We are constantly improving the production technology and take care of the originality of the products.

We employ professional artists, designers and carvers who make each piece exclusive. That is why for more than 20 years the products of the "Loter" company have been recognized and trusted by customers.

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